Virtualization is the key to unlocking cloud computing. It is the most tactical IT initiative that organizations can commence during the digital transition. Bigsoft helps our clients design, implement and manage 100% virtualized, cloud capable IT environments to seamlessly and securely increase organizational agility, propel business growth, improve end user experience and most importantly in cost cutting. As one of the top systems integration and cloud architecture enabler, we have distinguished partnership  with all major cloud service providers- AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, helping our clients to  strategically leverage the power of cloud computing.  We have unparalleled engineering expertise across all verticals of virtualization: ranging from Infrastructure, Data, Software and Platform- offering comprehensive full stack cloud solutions. 


We offer strategy, advice, and support for your business on how to effectively utilise cloud computing resources. This ranges from evaluating needs, planning migrations, and optimising storage to experiencing cost and performance benefits.Cloud Consulting
Through the provision of storage, virtual servers, and various computing resources over a cloud infrastructure, we let businesses host websites, applications, and services on remote servers while ensuring scalability and high availability.Cloud Hosting
Experience a seamless movement of applications, data, and other business-specific elements from on-premises infrastructure or any specific cloud environment to another cloud-based platform. We help you decide the best. Server Migration
We offer managed database solutions, allowing users to store, retrieve, and manage their data without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. </p> <p>Database Management
We automate processes for regularly backing up data and configurations stored in the cloud, we ensure that critical information is protected against accidental deletion, corruption, or loss.Back Up Configurations
We assess the security measures and practices in a cloud environment by identifying vulnerabilities, compliance gaps and recommending improvements to ensure data protection, privacy, and regulatory compliance.Security Audits and Reports

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