Cybersecurity solutions

We offer our clients a continuous Cybersecurity Risk Management in order to maintain the complete protections. We regularly monitor the regulations which are often being changed, or new ones which are introduced and the risks associated with these changes are being continuously analyzed by our expertise to ensure the compliance of cybersecurity policies and procedures in the organization.

Our strategy implements the four quadrants that deliver comprehensive digital risk protection:

  • Map – Discover and map all digital assets to quantify the attack surface. Use the map as a foundation to monitor cybercriminal activity.
  • Monitor – Search the public and dark web for threat references to your digital assets. Translate found threats to actionable intelligence.
  • Mitigate – Automated actions to block and remove identified threats to digital assets. Includes integration with other security initiatives in place.
  • Manage – Manage the process used in Map, Manage, and Mitigate quadrants. Management is essential to successful digital risk protection.

By implementing our Cybersecurity Risk Management Service, it ensures that procedures and policies of an organization is followed at set intervals and security is kept up to date. You’re protected.

Managed Cyber Security Provider

Bigsoft act as a Managed Cyber Security Provider (MCSP) for an organization when the organizations faces the hardships due to

  • Absence of internal Infosec experience
  • Absence of internal Infosec worker availability
  • Fulfilling an internal Infosec posture is cost prohibitive

So for why Bigsoft MCSP is important, the answer is simple: cyber- attackers don’t keep the same schedules you do. The hackers don’t make a point of attacking you and your sensitive systems when you are best prepared to defend them.  A cyber- attack can happen at any time, day or night, a weekday or on the weekend. 

We, the Bigsoft as an MCSP sees problems like DDoS attacks, malware infestations and phishing scams every day, an in-house InfoSec staff member might only see something like that every few months. We as a MCSP can provide not only a host of security services (like intrusion detection and prevention, incident management, managed vulnerability and identity and access solutions), we also provide a level of experience in handling those things that an in-house department might not have.

Our key services are listed below:

  • Full Spectrum Cyber Security Solutions 
  • Full Spectrum Cyber Risk Management Solutions
  • Full Spectrum Digital Forensic Services
  • Windows Hacking Prevention Solutions
  • Mac Hacking Prevention Solutions
  • Andriod and IOS Hacking Prevention Solutions
  • Mobile / 3G/4G/Bluetooth Hacking Prevention Solutions
  • CCTV/DDR Hacking Prevention Solutions
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Deep Fake Analysis
  • Infrastructure solutions for high performance compute, storage and backups

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