Government Transitions

Our Government Transitions initiative offers a comprehensive set of resources to support government leaders. We’ve gathered insights to help leaders set up an effective government, tackle their highest priorities, and improve the lives of their constituents. Our expertise extends across the full range of public-sector capabilities.


From advising on government transitions across the world, we’ve developed an approach to help you prepare to serve your constituents from day one. We have more than 300 partners with deep expertise across the public sector, ready to work with you and your team to develop strategies, improve efficiency, and optimize outcomes. Support transition process design and management help design and oversee the day-to-day management and coordination of the transition effort. Build fact base in key areas of prioritization. Diagnose the state’s current performance and compare with peers, collect best practices from other states, and help rank top priorities based on criteria you identify. Help define the optimal structure for the new administration to successfully achieve its objectives. Identify key capabilities that individuals in new administration may require and help develop them through workshops, training, and/or go-and-see visits. Support development of 100-day and/or long-term plans in focus areas by understanding challenges, identifying initiatives, and developing implementation plans. Support development of an appropriate risk strategy for the state and help build its internal capabilities, processes, and culture to identify, prevent, and mitigate risks. Support the launch of initiatives that raise the bar of state-government performance through levers such as technology, analytics, talent, and creating a citizen-centric experience

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