How Flutter is Reshaping the World of Mobile App Development?

While diving into the world of mobile app development, the best approach is to know the latest trends. Today, we are witnessing a high surge in the use of Flutter to build cross-platform apps and figuring out how it is reshaping the future of mobile development. To make a space in the ecosystem of technology, Flutter will help to speed the app development process and save your money.

Market research says there is an increment of 9% in the use of Flutter in mobile app development from 2019 to 2020.  Flutter 1.20 version is applicable for mobile, desktop, and web app development. Apart from this, the number of Flutter apps has jumped from 50,000 to 90,000 since April 2020 in the play store.

Flutter, Google’s cross-platform mobile framework, has acquired 114k stars on GitHub and attracts 2 million users by April 2020. Prime insights reflect the share of  Flutter app development into different areas: 7% for designing, 19% for freelancers, 26% for enterprise, and 35% for startups.

Why to choose Flutter for mobile app development in 2021

Today’s mobile technology reveals plenty of choices for building a mobile application to meet the users’ demands. Hire a Flutter app developer if you want to build an app using this framework.

Single codebase to target every platform

Writing codes for different platforms is a time-consuming task. And, time is a crucial part of app development. In such a case, Flutter provides the same codebase for Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, it adds leverage to app testing and allows developers to run their apps comfortably.

Effective user-interface development

Flutter offers proper facilities to make a functional UI for mobile app users. With the aid of various widgets, developers can provide the desired appearance to mobile applications. Some of the key widgets in Flutter are container, row, and column, and Text and RaisedButton for content management. Simply, UI development becomes easy with Flutter.

Add speeds to the development process

Flutter is the best framework when it comes to developing and testing apps. Here, this situation uncovers the significance of “hot reloads.” It makes your work effortless when you have to build UIs, add features, and fix bugs. Furthermore, it gets easy to inject updated source codes into running Dart Virtual Machine and test apps functioning through hot reload.

More comprehensive experience for backend development

As we know, data is the backbone of app development. So, if you keep your data sorted, you can speed the process of your app development. So, Flutter must be your choice if you are creating apps with a new SDK (Software Development Kit).  Moreover, Dart is used to building Flutter apps and makes backend development effortless. If it moves so fast and reshapes the future technological era, you must know how it differs from other mobile app development frameworks.