Work on but is your wish to explore at the same time? How about taking your workload to one of your favorite hill stations, beaches, or any other destinations? Imagined attending zoom calls while you chill with nature? Or finally, waiting for weekend eve on Friday to freak out for the best? Well, that is possible, mate! In fact, you can type away your work amidst the picturesque views while you stay in one of the coziest homestays. Yes, and yes, you can have fun, simultaneously you can work productively. That is why major travel agencies and enthusiasts are predisposed to a new travel trend called Workation. Hence, a little detail of the rise of the Workation.A dream comes true for the millennials.

Workation or Workcation is a new travel buzzword practically embraced by netizens nowadays. With the effect of Work-From-Home, youth aced up to remote working. It is perhaps the most exciting travel trend that dawned during the Covid Crisis for the travel Industry. Convincingly it will remain a modest trend where companies will love to incline towards it. It spells or blends Work and Vacation in one word. Meantime, as much as it is effective for the working individuals, it balances work and fun wonderfully.

Remote working is, however, quite an old concept where it is not a popular opinion. Whereas, the new normal transforms the lifestyle exceedingly making it possible to work and have fun anywhere. Taking the advantage of the ball game, working individuals are heading to gateways and other destinations with their portable work gadgets and assets. Nevertheless, hotels, homestays, and other accommodations gravely contributed and encourage this trend. They provide high-speed internet facilities for their workation guests and other comforts they can provide. 

To be just plain, Workation extends your vacation in a way you can work as much as you can enjoy your leisure time. Perhaps, longer than an ordinary vacation where you take a specific period. On the other hand, working betwixt the quaint surroundings is a one of a kind experience. Moreover, an individual working in creative professions who needs concentration gathers brilliant inspiration from the secludedness. Further, they boost their mental agility to work profoundly, especially when the place is new. This environment can generate innovative ideas, bring new ways of solving problems, and rejuvenate your mind and health all the more. Besides, it is the only chance to distance from the sterile office environment, well, not all the time.

The Covid-19 pandemic constrains every part of the globe to stay indoors, say lockdown to subdue the virus. Consequently, the Work-From-Home strategy came with an effect on working adults. While the city dwellers are surrounded by four-cornered walls, they are gasping for a chance to escape somewhere off-beat. Workation lighted the craving as a solution for working individuals, well, a break from Work-From-Home and household chores.


Workation serves different purposes apart from the plain understanding stated above. Moreover, it is not an alternate replacement for real vacations where you can enjoy full-time holiday activities. Nevertheless, the continuation of Work-From-Home allows workation to work like a charm for millennial employees as they relax. Here are some of the types of Workation you can try out or sort yourself into.


So long as Work-From-Home continues, you have a great chance to travel overseas as long as you report your work full-time. You are even more fortunate if your work roles are flexible to accommodate any circumstances especially while traveling. A workation sort out the chances to explore a new place, new country or a whole new world.


Somewhat straight to mention but, workation can be a cupid for long-distance relationships. Instead of the complication in planning and longing to visit, workation proves as a rescue means that allow them to visit each other frequently. Besides, they do not require to sacrifice a bit or entirely their careers and dreams. Similarly, it goes with visiting parents, siblings, and friends. Despite the daily obligations and challenges both the parties face, workation paves the way to reunite with them besides the long wait. Although it does not come the way a vacation does, workation is worth a load.


Let’s say you are on an official vacation and it has come to its end. Yet you do not want to end. Well, it’s good news that it is not a dead end. You can extend as long as you want, while, simultaneously you can work. Workationing the rest of the extended holidays has nothing to lose between you and your work. Therefore, it’s best if you take the chances that come only once.


Most of us being away from home states often have a vague chance to go home. For various pursuits and purposes, we leave home for major cities, only to visit our loved ones rarely. Hence, in such cases, workation saves the trouble by allowing you to stay at home as long as you meet your day-to-day work targets. Meanwhile, after meeting the daily work, you can lay back watching the little pups run or kids in your colony fascinated with pantomime.